Rapidly approaching the big 3-0 I was coming to a crossroads. My wife and I achieved what was deemed the “American Dream”, a good paying job, a beautiful home, two new cars in the driveway, a puppy, and a little bit on money in the bank. On the outside it looked like we had in made, but if you looked behind the curtains the stress and strain was building. With all those “achievements” there was a dark-side, and it came in the form of…debt. Student loans taken out to pay for three advanced degrees, a 30 year mortgage, and two car loans, fortunately credit card debt or personal loans were not part of the equation, but all of it was weighing heavy on our health and well-being.

We always tried our best by paying a little extra every month, but seeing the interest we were paying would make anyone cry. At first, we just paid the bills and just ignored the problem, rarely talked about it and figured everyone was dealing with the same issues….this was normal.

Well, we had an epiphany in 2016, we had enough, we wanted this burden of debt gone and we attacked it like mad. We forfeited instant gratification and set goals and milestones, tracking every dollar that went into this black hole. Three years of struggle and determination resulted in paying off almost $250,000 in student and auto loans.

When the last check cleared it felt surreal, like a weight was lifted off our chests and we could finally breath. A fog was lifted and we could look at our lives with a whole new perspective. It was amazing what we suddenly were able to achieve not only financially but in every aspect of our every day life, our physical and mental health improved dramatically, our relationship was stronger than ever. The determination that drove us to extinguishing this debt carried forward into the next stage of our live – Wealth building.

The Debt Rebellion was started to share our journey, insights, and tips, with a goal of educating others in financial wellness, by avoid the pitfalls that trip so many, as well as assisting others in building financial wealth.